Forever My Girl is a 2018 romance film starring Alex Roe, Jessica Rothe, Abby Ryder Fortson, Travis Tritt and John Benjamin Hickey, directed and written by Bethany Ashton Wolf, based on Forever My Girl by Heidi McLaughlin and produced by Mickey Liddell, Jennifer Monroe and Pete Shilaimon.


In Saint Augustine, Louisiana, Josie is left at the altar by her fiancé Liam. Eight years later, Liam is a successful country singer. The day after a concert in New Orleans, Liam learns that Mason, one of his groomsmen from the wedding, has been killed in a car accident. Liam returns to St. Augustine and attends Mason's funeral. Although Liam attempts to be discreet, Josie recognizes him. After Mason's burial, Josie approaches Liam and punches him in the stomach.

Liam stays with his father, Pastor Brian, although his father is bitter that Liam never kept in contact after becoming famous. While becoming reacquainted with the town, Liam encounters Josie at a flower shop she owns. Liam learns that Josie has a seven-year old daughter, Billy, and that he is the father. Josie confesses that she found out she was pregnant two weeks after he left her at the altar. Although Josie tried to contact him, Liam never returned her call. Liam eventually persuades Josie to let him spend time with Billy, albeit on Josie's terms. Billy quickly realizes Liam is her father, much to Josie's surprise, and supports Liam's idea.

Liam and Billy bond, with Billy displaying her father's musical ability. Josie even agrees to let Billy stay the night with Liam. As Liam tucks her in, Billy asks him why he left Josie, and Liam admits he was young and confused, although he regrets his decision. After Billy falls asleep, Josie asks Liam on a date. Liam flies Josie to New Orleans for their date, although they are stopped by the press. Liam publicly announces his love for Josie. After returning to Saint Augustine, Liam and Billy continue to bond. Billy chokes on her lunch, but Liam is frozen after having a flashback to his mother’s death. Jake, Josie’s brother, saves Billy. Distraught at his inability to act, Liam gets drunk at a bar. Jake visits Liam and tells him that Josie and Billy would be better off without him. Liam leaves the next morning without telling Josie or Billy.

Liam returns to his tour and performs in London. However, his manager Sam inspires him to return to his family. Liam returns to Saint Augustine and reunites with Josie. Liam and Josie are married, and Liam performs a song on stage with Billy in Berlin.