The Academy Award for Assistant Director was one of the Academy Awards presented annually from the 6th Academy Awards to the 10th Academy Awards but was discontinued afterwards.

Winners and nominees

At the 6th Academy Awards the assistant directors were not nominated for any particular film but they were named with the studio they worked for. Those being Fox, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Paramount, RKO Radio, United Artists, Universal, and Warner Bros. Every studio won 1 award, and had 3 assistant directors nominated, United Artists had 2, which led to 18 nominees and 7 winners. The 4 following ceremonies saw between 3 and 5 nominees and no more than 1 winner, aswell as the nominations being tied to films the assistant directors worked on instead of the studios they worked for. Nobody won more than one time, but Eric Stacey was nominated 3 times and Joseph M. Newman 2 times, both without winning. Scott R. Beal, John Waters, and Clem Beauchamp all were nominated twice aswell and won 1 of their 2 nominations.

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